Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mini Breaks Logo

For Thomas Cook, LBi created a Web 2.0 concept from A to Z,, proposing mini-trips. This 2.0 business model is truly revolutionary, allowing hoteliers to upload in real time ‘last minute’ offers or promotions thanks to the powerful back-office application upon which is built.

Since the launch in August, the site has been visited by over 3.000 visitors and knows a verry high conversion rate. This is nonetheless only the beginning as additional functionalities will be out rolled within the next few months such as Newsletters, co-branding initiatives and loyalty programs through media partnerships.

Mini Breaks site

The Mixx Awards are a result of the collaboration between the Belgian IAB, the International Advertising Bureau, and Best of Publishing, editor of the Inside Magazine. The Mixx Awards aim at rewarding those digital and interactive campaigns that reached their communicational objectives. The criteria of attribution take into account the observed links within the project between creativity and efficiency.

The winners were named by a professional jury of prominent sector professionals. In 2008, the jury consisted out of 1 president, 4 advertisers, 2 publishers, 2 media agencies and 2 creative agencies : Jo Caudron (ONE Agency & Jury President), Yannic Beckers (Paratel/VMMa), Jean-Michel Depasse (Mindshare Interaction), Wim Walraevens (Duval Guillaume), Michel Mabille (IPM), Clo Willaerts (Sanoma magazines), Fabienne Gyselinck (Eurostar), Benoit Lips (LBi Belgium), Paul Daels (KBC), Michon Van Doorn (Unilever) en Diane Faynsztein (Nestlé).

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