Friday , February 24 , 2012

Good news from our Swedish friends: Volvo Trucks Global won the Web of the Year 2011 in the category manufacturing engineering! The other contestants in the category were Saab and SKF.

The Web of the Year Award is awarded annually by E-Space to mark the sites that are appreciated by its visitors, who act at the same time as the jury.

LBi Sweden has worked with Volvo Trucks since 1998.
“It’s very nice for Volvo Trucks to get this award because it shows that the audience really appreciates the work done”, says Hans Jonsson, Client Director with its base at the company’s office in Gothenburg.

The site was completely handled by LBi: concept, design, information architecture, support, current content, and many applications such as press rooms, contact management and campaign tools.

Congrats to the team!

Source: the blog of LBi Sweden: “Our life”

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