Monday , April 23 , 2012

Kortrijk, 20 April 2012 – Today Barco has launched a brand-new website. LBi revamped the website and it not only features a brand new web content management system, making it easy to maintain the site, but it was also thoroughly restyled to present web visitors with the best possible user experience. Main changes include a simpler and more intuitive navigation, multi-lingual product contents and a newsroom that will feed information in 10 different languages.

The new global Barco website was not only designed to present the company’s product portfolio in a transparent and easy-to-navigate way, but was also built as a gateway into the Barco organization for web visitors.

Global web platform to better support localization
“With close to 3 million visits worldwide every year, the Barco website is a prime means of lead generation and customer interaction,” explains Brand & e-Marketing Manager Lieven Bertier. “To better serve prospects, customers, resellers, investors, jobseekers and other stakeholders we felt we had to up the user experience and make the site more intuitive to navigate, with dedicated contents for targeted visitor segments.”

Koen Helsen, VP Corporate Marketing, continues: “With this new web platform, we are more than ready to support Barco as the company expands into new territories and market segments. Moreover, the new platform also enables us to support the growth the company is seeking by setting up reseller networks in many of its markets.”

Multi-lingual website
The new website features multi-lingual contents in 10 languages, i.e. Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Portuguese.

Lieven Bertier “Today about 20% of visitors already access product information in their language. That is why we have decided to make as many website sections as possible available in ten different languages. Most notable in this respect is the multi-lingual newsroom we introduce in our efforts to present our global network the latest information in their own language.”

“In this way, the new website perfectly supports our global yet localized marketing strategy,” adds Koen Helsen. “We present web visitors with information tailored to their country or personal settings from one and the same platform worldwide, powered by the Sitecore content management system.”

Intuitive navigation
To enhance the visitor experience the new website not only has a simplified top navigation but also features an elaborate doormat, allowing visitors to easily navigate from one item to another. Moreover, the website also includes a significantly improved search engine, tailoring results exactly to the search terms entered by visitors.

Powered by Sitecore and LBi
The new Barco website is powered by the Sitecore content management system, and was developed jointly by Barco’s in-house web team and leading web agency LBi. Lieven Bertier: “We have chosen the Sitecore content management system for three main reasons: first of all because it gives the web developers a flexible .NET platform that can be tailored to our e-strategy. Secondly, because it is an easy-to-use platform for our content editors and last but not least because the platform is modular, enabling us to add more modules as our marketing needs evolve.”

In the coming quarters Barco will also launch a localized website for China based on the Sitecore platform. In addition, it will completely revamp its customer extranet ‘my.barco’ and will also launch an iPad app for its company magazine ‘red’.

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